IBS Byggnadsställningar was founded in 1978 and has logistics centers in Oskarshamn, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Linköping, Kalmar, Mönsterås, and Ringhals. The sale to XERVON include all subsidiaries in the IBS Byggnadsställningar group. XERVON is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of scaffolding and weather protection for projects in construction, infrastructure, and development. KANTER has represented the seller in the transaction.

Francks fortifies their position in Västergötland by acquiring MD Kylcontroll AB. The purchase of Billinge Kyl AB is Francks’ second acquisition in Västergötland in a short time. Along with the purchase of MD Kylcontroll, Billinge Kyl creates a strong platform for further growth in the region. KANTER has represented Francks in the acquisition.

Genova has agreed on the acquisition of the project property Söderhällby 1:9 in Uppsala. Genova’s total investment is estimated at SEK 210 million, before deduction of deferred taxes. Access to the property is planned for August 2021. KANTER has represented Genova in the transaction.

KANTER has assisted Saminvest in the commitment of SEK 125 million to Segulah Medical Accelerator, SMA. SMA will specialize in investments in medical technology with a focus on Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia, and Western Europe. Read more here – https://www.saminvest.se/sv/nyheter/saminvest-investerar-i-segulah-medical-accelerator

Lexplore, a Swedish EdTech company with a unique AI and eye-tracking technology used to assess and develop children’s literacy skills in schools raises €5M in an equity round financing, to accelerate international growth. Lexplore was represented by KANTER in the investment round.

NVBS has acquired Elektrosignal Invest Sthlm AB, operating in critical infrastructure, along with its subsidiaries Elektrosignal Infra Sthlm AB, Infra Produkter Sthlm AB, and Infra El Sthlm AB. KANTER has represented NVBS in the transaction.

Linds Ortopediska is based in Stockholm, with offices in Solna and Södertälje. The offices produce adaptive orthopaedic-technical aids. Linds cooperate with rehabilitation centres and hospitals. KANTER has represented the seller in the transaction.

KANTER has assisted Stronghold Invest in connection with the company leading an investment round in Avy. Avy supports property owners and managers in the rental and tenant-ownership segment in taking advantage of digital opportunities and improving the customer experience.

Genova has agreed on a barter with Nyfosa, where Genova acquires two properties with public services features and with additional building rights in Lund and Haninge for SEK 477 million and divests four commercial properties and one project property for SEK 657 million. Access to the acquired properties is planned for May 31st, 2021. Genova’s acquisition is financed by a combination of loans and equity. The divested properties are planned to be vacated on May 31st, 2021, except for the project property, which will be vacated on November 1st. KANTER has represented Genova in the transaction.

Ratos AB (publ) has transferred 4,430,762 Class B treasury shares to Carnegie Fonder and Nordea Fonder at a price of SEK 44.50 per share. SEB acted as Sole Bookrunner in connection with the transfer. KANTER has acted as legal advisor to Ratos AB (publ) in connection with the transfer.