Our Employment team is one of the most experienced in Sweden. Labour and employment law relates to one of the companies’ most important assets; the employees. Advice on labour and employment law is often critical to a business. At the same time, these can entail difficult legal assessments. We have extensive experience of employment law dispute resolution from courts, organisations on the labour market and law firm. We deliver efficient, accurate, prompt and personal legal advice in the specific settings that characterise the Swedish labour market. Several of our team members are frequently engaged as lecturers by universities, private educational institutions and clients. As a law firm, KANTER is both a complement and an alternative to the employers’ organisations on the Swedish labour market.

Labour and employment law is generally a matter of national legislation. More and more, our clients require employment law support in several legal jurisdictions. Through our extensive network of established law firms abroad, especially in Europe, we can provide our clients with advice regarding business operations in other countries as well as manage cross-border assignments.

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